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Ana Roque

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, since 2012, from Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Lisboa.
Not long before finishing my degree, I ended up working in accountancy by chance and soon gained increased interest in this field.
Soon after, in 2014, the opportunity to work at Logosan arose, firstly as an intern and then as an accountant technician.

It has been a unique experience to be part of this team, not only for the level of commitment to the client as well as the focus on quality but also due to the constant motivation when it comes to self-improvement and incentive to do better.

It is my current belief that I continue learning a great deal with this team, both on a personal and professional level.

Originally from Sines, I find myself divided between where I was born and raised and the city for which I have fallen for, Lisbon.