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Fátima Santos

I had always dreamt of becoming a doctor! Vicissitudes of life led me to start working at a young age in Accounting. I ended up choosing that field of studies, specifically with a bachelor that allowed me to obtain a more extensive general knowledge. I graduated in Business Administration and Management from the Instituto Superior de Economia de Lisboa (ISE).

In 1984, I entered the DGCI’s permanent staff, nowadays known as Autoridade Tributária, in which I remained for almost two decades, having gone through numerous financial local services until reaching Direção de Finanças de Lisboa – Inspeção Tributária. It was indeed an enriching path, not only from the perspective of tributary law knowledge but also from a personal point of view, without which, I would certainly be a different person.

In April 2001, I decided to embrace the opportunity that was given to me to become the leader of Logosan. I certainly do not regret it! Over the past 15 years, it has been possible to verify that the demand of precision and quality of the services provided has been constant. We continue in everlasting development… Always! I love what I do!

I love my daughters, Susana and Luísa and my dog Bisca.

My free time isn’t much but I always find time to do what gives me pleasure: being with my family, reading and doing the crossword puzzles from the newspaper “Expresso,” listening to music, taking in the scent of the sea at Aldeia do Meco, meditating, traveling… and there’s no room for more!

If we’re allowed more than one lifetime, being a lady of many interests, next time, I would choose to be a fado singer!